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Any way to get prices of sold electric trucks?

Hi -- I want to donate my converted S-10 to a local community college:

In order to get a tax deduction, the IRS requires a way of establishing the fair market value.

Would you have any access to listings in the recent past that were taken off the site because the owner had sold the vehicle?

Let me know.

Steve Kobb

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planned  ·  AdminAaron Choate (Admin, EV Tradin' post) responded  · 

Sorry I missed this and I imagine that your need for this has reduced now that April 15 is long past. At the moment, I have no way to know what a vehicle sold for. However, I do want to report that I have started planning for the next version of the site. I hope that will allow evtraders to mark their own ads as SOLD and self report the amount so I can collect the data (in an anonymous fashion) for the good of the community.



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